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Flying the Coop: The Video Game Mystery Novel

Game designer Bernard Walker finds his world taken hostage when police fail to solve a grisly murder. Desperate for the return of his new million-dollar oceanfront view, he deploys his San Francisco startup's game-design technology—backed by jalapeño-infused hot dogs from a local minimart—to hunt down a highly! elusive murderer.

Flying the Coop pits video game designers against inept police officers, overpaid city officials, and irritating venture capitalists in a battle of wit, cunning, and vastly different tastes in hot dogs and tofu.

OffCide Gamer Mystery 
Series, Book 1

Clouded Ambitions 1: The Trial

What happens when smart buildings become too smart, when skyscrapers become tools for control, even weapons?

Video games, airsoft guns, and quadcopter drones descend on Seattle's tech industry as Bernard and his team of game designers head north to help a friend in trouble, deal with a horrific murder, and wage a desperate battle against new company rules that require employees to punch in at 9 a.m.! Downtown Seattle will never be the same.

OffCide Gamer Mystery 
Series, Book 2

Homeownership Disease: The Saga of Owen Cash

Welcome to the world of Owen Cash, a man pushed finally to conform with society and pursue his own slice of the Great American Dream: Homeownership.

Follow Owen Cash as he journeys forth to battle the trials of financial planning (negative amortization—what the hell is that?), house hunting (kids, go slice that family's tires), and mortgage applications (you need an ultrasound of my kidneys?!), all to please family and society and join the ranks of responsible, landed Americans—just at the height of the real estate boom (ka-pow!).

Homeownership Disease, Book 1

Paperback Edition

Flying the Coop: A Video Game Trailer

Things writers do to make themselves feel better about procrastinating.

A little Seattle history, inspiration behind Clouded Ambitions.

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